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For information about hiring Jatila as a soloist or with a partner, please email her at
Photos: Top: Jatila with Vasily Golovin
Gallery: Top row, Left to right: Jatila, solo burlesque; Jatila, burlesque with Harout Aristakessian;
Middle row: Jatila, burlesque with Hector Sanchez
Bottom row, Left to right: Jatila, jive with Vasily Golovin; Jatila, paso doble with Vasily Golovin

Blog post Aug. 30, 2018

Performance as meditation

Performance, for me, is the closest I come to the Zen experience of fully experiencing all sensory input, while simultaneously letting every instant pass through my consciousness like sand through my fingers. I are simultaneously present inwardly and outwardly. I am always moving from the heart, because I often can’t see where I am going. I feel the floor, feel my partner, feel the space, and navigate the shapes in the music. I must have total rust in my partner and the universe.

Performance is a total gift to the audience, while simultaneously not focusing on the audience. I am totally focused on my partner, while simultaneously expanding my consciousness to be aware of every millimeter of space around me. The lights, the darkness. Losing track of time, while simultaneously being highly aware of the precise timing of the music.

Even though afterwards we look at the pictures and feel a certain joy and even some pride, in the moment of performance we must lose the ego 100% completely. We must lose ourselves in the character, and be totally in love with our partner, even if it is only for those 3 or 4 minutes of the music.

Performance is Total Commitment. It is a bit scary – like diving under the biggest wave, but trusting that we will come out stronger than before. Knowing that we are using our body, heart, and mind to give the audience a total heart-mind-body experience in which they can lose themselves, forget their troubles for those few minutes, and be transported to another time and place, to laugh, to cry, to gasp. To feel like they are right there, with us.

For me, performance is my meditation, and I conjure up this experience every day in practice.