About Jatila

Jatila van der Veen (Ph.D.) is a multi-faceted dancer, choreographer, and teacher in Santa Barbara, California. She has been immersed in dance since a young age, growing up in New York City, the Dance Capital of the U.S. She began with ballet and folk dance at age 8, and by age 15 was dancing professionally in the EthnoAmerican Dance Theater in New York. Her long life in dance includes a scholarship to live and study Bharata Natyam in South India, many summers of study in Bulgaria and Macedonia, 8 years as a soloist with the UCSB Middle East Ensemble, and many years performing as a soloist and member of a variety of ensembles.

Jatila currently performs with several ensembles in Santa Barbara, including Dance With Harout , the Dance Fever Showcase Team, as a partner with Vasily Golovin and Hector Sanchez, and as a solo belly dancer.

Jatila is one of the featured belly dancers at Zaytoon Restaurant in Santa Barbara, California.

Contact Jatila at Jatiladance@gmail.com for information about hiring her, with or without partners, to perform at your parties, weddings, corporate events, and shows.



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