Jatila’s Universe of Dance!


Welcome to Jatila’s Danceverse!

Here you will find updates about dance classes, performances by Jatila and Friends, and performing opportunities for students!

Upcoming performances, 2018:
Zaytoon Middle Eastern Restaurant: August 31st, September 21st, September 29th

Ongoing performances at Zaytoon, twice/month. Check facebook Jatiladance for updates.

Recent performances, 2018:
August 25th, Santa Barbara Pride Festival, with Harout Aristakessian
August 18th, Center Stage Theater, in Yulia Maluta’s Into the Heart of a New Dimension,   with Vasily Golovin and Dance with Harout, at Center Stage Theater
August 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Noches de Ronda, Santa Barbara Courthouse, with Vasily Golovin
July 14th, 15th, Santa Barbara French Festival, with Vasily Golovin, Dance with Harout, and Dzhamala! Ensemble (my ensemble!)

Past performances, 2018:
BASSH, March 23rd, 24th, New Victoria Theater
Colors of Love, February 10th, Center Stage Theater, with Vasily Golovin
Raw Science Film Festival, January 6th, Lobero Theater, with Vasily Golovin

Past performances, 2017:
* at Zaytoon Middle Eastern Restaurant : December 2nd, 22nd, 2017
* at Dance Fever Christmas Showcase, with Vasily Golovin: December 16th, 2017 CANCELLED DUE TO THE THOMAS FIRE! Stay tuned for a date in January.

Stay tuned for more!

New Bellydance classes starting in September in the new California Gold Dance Studio. Stay tuned for updates!

Where: California Gold Ballroom Dance Studios 4647 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria, CA 93013

Come tighten up your abs while developing graceful arms and posture. Learn the basics of Raqs al Sharki (aka Belly Dance), including dancing to Arabic, Turkish, and Balkan rhythms, veil work, floor work, and improvisation.

Performance opportunities for those who are interested!


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